A few minutes drive to Morrell provides visitors with all of the routine necessities as well as access to the confederation trail, fresh seafood at the warf, a wonderful bakery, groceries or Blue Isle Mussels directly from company headquarters. Also close by are Great golf courses, dining, deep sea fishing, horseback riding, pottery and craft shops, art galleries, live music, sea kayaking and biking are only a few of the local activities available to entertain you.


From Fodor's Guide to Canada...
In the Gulf of St. Lawrence, north of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island seems too good to be true, with its crisply painted farmhouses, manicured fields rolling down to sandy beaches, the warmest water north of the Carolinas, and a vest pocket capital city, Charlottetown, packed with architectural heritage.”PEI , one of Canada’s 4 Atlantic Provinces, has a total area of 2,184 sq miles, making it more than 50% larger than NY’s Long Island, and is about 140 miles long and averages about 15 miles wide (it ranges between 4 and 40 miles wide).
What is the weather like on P.E.I.?
Spring - is comfortable. Late May and early June are alive with colour and temperatures usually range from 8 to 22 degrees C (46 to 71 degrees F).Summer - is hot, but rarely humid. We wear short sleeves. Daytime temperatures are usually in the 20s (70s) and can go as high as 32 degrees C (90 degrees F). Autumn - is clear and bright. September afternoons can be quite warm, evenings cool. Temperatures range from 8 to 22 degrees C (46 to 71 degrees F). Winter - is crisp and clean. Temperatures range from -3 to -11 degrees C (26 to 11 degrees F). The following tables give information about the average monthly snowfall and rainfall and the mean minimum and maximum temperatures. For current weather conditions and forecasts, consult the Environment Canada Weather page. For further weather information see also the Provincial Government Web-site.

Vacation Information
To request a free copy of the P.E.I. Visitors Guide & Highway Map, Value Vacations & Coupon Book CLICK HERE or call - In North America 1-888-734-7529, and outside North America 1-902-368-7795.

What grocery and convenience stores are open on Sunday?
The Island has a No Sunday Shopping policy. The Shopping Malls and Liquor Stores are closed. Novelty, Craft & Antique Stores remain open, as well as many Convenience and Grocery Stores. A few of these in the Morrell/Mount Stewart area are:
Mount Stewart: Irving Mainway
Morell: Co-op Grocery